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Our knobs are hand crafted. We never inlay stickers or paint for graphics like other companies.

Send Us Your Photos

To honor our valued customers, we have created the Satisfied Customers pages for you to show off your vehicle and FLAMEBALL shift knob.

If you would like to share your photos on our website, please send us the following:

1.  A few pictures of your vehicle.

2.  A few pictures (daytime or at night) of our FLAMEBALL shift knob mounted in your vehicle.

3.  A brief description.

4.  OPTIONAL - Your name and Town and State where you live.


Send all digitized pictures in JPEG format to


Please send high quality, unmodified, images.  Do not add text on the images or enhance the images in any way.


Please review the following agreement before sending content to Central Manufacturing Company, Inc.:

Central Manufacturing Company, Inc, is not be responsible for any picture, image, or other content submitted to the e-mail address listed above.

By sending information to Central Manufacturing Company, Inc., you authorize the use of the submitted content for publication on the website and other promotional purposes.

All submitted photos and images will become the property of Central Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Not all submission will be published on the website.


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