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Light Up Connection

WARNING!  Central Manufacturing Company is not responsible for damage caused to the shift knob, factory shift assembly, or vehicle electrical system as a result of improper installation.  Please read carefully before proceeding with installation.

We offer several wire harness options (each sold separately) to facilitate the light-up installation process.  Although these products are not required, they are highly recommend, and will ease the installation process. The following instructions are for those who purchase these accessories.



1. Locate the hot wire to your parking lights (or a convenient console light) using your vehicle's wiring diagram or a test light. The quick splice clamp and ground terminal will be attached at this location.

2. Disconnect the battery negative cable.

3. Temporarily tape the two loose ends of your shift knob wires together. This will make it easier to thread your way from the hook up point to your shift lever.

4. Begin threading your shift knob wires under the rug and under the rubber boot, loosening any hold down brackets along the way. Route your wires to avoid any sharp objects and any unnecessary foot pressure.

5. Thread the shift knob wires up to the shift lever knob. Thread an additional 6" of wire past the shift knob for easier installation.

6. Attach one light bulb wire to one of the the shift knob wires located at the shift lever. It does not matter which of the two wires.

7. Attach the second light bulb wire to the second shift knob wire located at the shifter.

8. Solder each "light bulb wire / shift knob wire" connection and tape securely with black electrical tape.

9. Attach the ground terminal near the quick splice clamp to the vehicle chassis. Make sure the metal connection is bare.

10. Clamp the quick splice clamp onto the parking light hot wire using pliers.

11. Attach the battery negative cable.

12. TEST YOUR SHIFT KNOB LIGHT by turning on the parking lights. The shift knob light should turn on and off with the parking lights.

13. Slide the T-1 light bulb into the worm hole in the shift knob and secure by pushing up the small clear grommet into the hole.

14. Tape the wires to the side or the back of the shift lever and tighten your hold down brackets.