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"News as of 3/1/2020 - Existing FLAMEBALL orders will be temporarily delayed a few additional weeks as I deal with a temporary health issue. In addition, no new orders will be accepted for a few months. I apologize for the delay, but fully intend to be back to normal production in a few months." - Gene Zapsky

Mounting Instructions

WARNING!  Central Manufacturing Company is not responsible for damage caused to the shift knob, factory shift assembly, or vehicle electrical system as a result of improper installation.  Please read carefully before proceeding with installation.


Threaded Shift Levers

1. Remove current gearshift knob from shift lever.

2. Use solvent to remove grease and dirt from shift lever.

3. Select appropriate brass insert (supplied if needed).

4. Place LOCTITETM blue adhesive on all threads, including the inside and outside threads of the brass insert, and the shift lever threads.

5. Screw lock nut and shift knob onto the shift lever.

6. Do not over tighten knobs on long threaded shift levers.  LOCTITETM adhesive and lock nut will hold knob in position.

7. Allow adhesive to dry overnight.


Non-Threaded Levers

1. Remove current shift knob from shift lever.

2. Loosen set screws on shift knob.

3. Select the appropriate nylon bushing (supplied) and insert it into the shift knob.

4. Slide shift knob with nylon bushing onto shift lever.

5. Tighten set screws evenly all the way around the knob (hand tight).